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Organic Cycle


Steven Hofmann

Organic Cycle, 2013
Acrylic on Canvas
20 inches x 20 inches
Topsoil is the layer that prevails on the majority of the land surface of the earth, typically about 8 inches or more. It is rife with microorganisms, organic matter and nutrients that feed plants. Most plants do not extend their roots lower than the layer of topsoil, for it is there that they derive their nutrition. Topsoil contains essential nutrients to feed plants. They dissolve in water and are absorbed by plants’ roots. Good topsoil also contains an abundance of broken down organic matter. As plants, vegetables and anything else organic dies, it slowly decays, and the nutrients are returned to the topsoil from where it came. Soil composition varies based on location, for topsoil is not the same everywhere. In short, topsoil is a thin zone where life feeds on the remains of previous life. It is not unlike the growth of knowledge.


North Central Art Gallery, 8808 N Central Ave #100, Phoenix, AZ 85020